​Alda Trading International
                                       Bringing quality Italian food and beverages to the world 

Product Sourcing

Alda Trading can source products by leveraging a vast network of the finest producers of foods and beverages in Italy.  We have years of experience to help you navigate the complicated Italian markets and ensure you purchase only the best and most authentic products. We offer:

  • An understanding of the complex supply chain from  producers to manufacturers and sellers;
  • Knowledge of the traditional processes used in growing and packaging Italian produce;
  • Ability to guide you in purchasing products with the highest quality control standards;
  • Cultural awareness of various regional traditions;
  • Understanding of cullinary excellence.
Quality Control and Certification

Italy has some strict regulations surrounding the production of food and can boast some of the highest standards in organic and traditional production methods.  The legal environment can be daunting for those who are not familiar with the country and its culture.  We can offer:

  • Robust methods for ensuring you purchase food and beverages of the highest standard;
  • Certification for organic and other specific production techniques;
  • Knowledge of the regulatory bodies: "Denominazione Di Origine Controllata" (DOC) and (DOP);
  • Ability to discern producers with authentic organic production methods.
Negotiation and Purchasing

We are experienced business operators with confidence in all dimensions of food and beverage market transactions.  We will be guiding you through your purchase and final product export.  We can:

  • Liaise with suppliers and assist to negotiate pricing, volumes and schedules;
  • Determine availability and seasonal variation in production;
  • Understand your requirements to ensure you obtain the best value for money outcome;
  • Trouble shoot potential delays or problems. 
Air and Sea Freight

Alda has years of experience in dealing with international logistics. We can advise on ocean and air freight options for both perishable and non perishable goods.  Our expertise includes:

  • Consultation on services and appropriate shipping companies;
  • Air freight for dry or perishable goods;
  • Ocean freight for general cargo;
  • Ocean freight for refrigerated / temperature controlled containers.