​Alda Trading International
                                       Bringing quality Italian food and beverages to the world 
Who we are

ALDA Trading International Pty Ltd has market leading expertise in sourcing and supplying fine italian gourmet foods and beverage including certified organic products for global distribution.

We supply products to importers and distributors who require authentic Italian produce that is grown and made according to traditional methods.

We research and source the best in each food and beverage category, then assist in negotiating trade to ensure that our customers receive the best value for money outcome.

Our service includes consultation for logistics and shipping methods for both perishable and dry goods in either ocean and/or airfreight movement.

What we do

  • introduce importers and distributors to producers and suppliers of gourmet and organic Italian food & beverages;
  • source premium quality produce coupled with superb flavour and taste;
  • examine all methods of growth, production, hygiene standards and final presentation to assess the full integrity of the products;
  • ensure that our buyers receive the best value and quality produce;
  • check certification and the necessary international documentation for export/import;
  • ensure appropriate procedures are followed throughout the shipping process.